Daulat (Dolly) Peponides

Daulat (Dolly) Peponides has been practicing Educational Therapy since 1989. She earned a Master’s degree in Education (M.Ed.) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and then proceeded to obtain a Professional Certificate in Educational Therapy from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).  She has fulfilled the requirements for a Professional Member (ET/P) of the Association of Educational Therapists (AET), a national professional organization.

She has successfully helped students with learning difficulties for the past twenty four years. From 1989 to 2010 she has worked one-on-one with many students who had reading, spelling and writing challenges, often exacerbated by attention difficulties (ADHD). Working as Director of the Edison Academy from 2010-2013, a school serving students with mild to moderate learning disabilities, Dolly has interacted with many parents and children, and had the privilege of guiding their learning experience.  Having resumed private practice, she is eager to work with students on an individual basis. Her goal is not only to design differentiated learning programs for her students, but also to inspire them to become successful, independent, life-long learners.

Dolly Peponides is able to communicate effectively with parents and students to provide strategies for learning difficulties and appropriate student placement.  She has collaborated with numerous teachers, administrators and physicians in her role as Case Manager for her students and has participated in IEP meetings, when requested.

In addition to Educational Therapy, she has extensive experience in Educational Evaluation, a set of academic tests that help determine learning strengths and weaknesses. Dolly’s reports establish a detailed profile of the student’s learning capabilities, identify difficulties and recommend ways to address these difficulties.

Dolly Peponides is recognized by professionals and parents in the community for her dedication to excellence in education and for her caring attitude towards her students. She has earned the reputation of being an effective Educational Evaluator and Educational Therapist in North San Diego County.