Why Private testing?

·         parent does not have to wait for testing and interventions

·         test results not automatically incorporated into student confidential school record

·         parent can get evaluation without school’s consent or knowledge

·         parents prerogative to share private testing with school

What is an educational assessment?

Latest versions of tests are used. All assessments take place in a quiet one-on-one testing setting.

Comprehensive test battery of academic skill assessments, in reading, spelling, writing, math and language to determine areas of strength and weakness:

o   Phonological Skills

o   Reading Comprehension skills

o   Visual and auditory processing skills

o   Vocabulary skills

o   Continuous Performance Test (T.O.V.A) administered to students via computer

o   Behavior inventory (Conners 3)

How long will the testing take?

For a comprehensive test battery, the testing typically takes about 6-8 hours over a period of days. The testing can usually be completed in four sessions, one hour and a half to two hours each.

  • testing does not have to be administered on consecutive days 

  • student often determines the pace at which testing may be completed (Students with slow processing speed may tend to take longer when finishing assessments)  

If testing is supplemental (i.e. in addition to testing done previously) then the hours of testing will be determined according to the tests administered.

If a Continuous Performance Test (T.O.V.A.) is the only one requested, then one session lasting an hour is allocated during the morning hours to comply with norms.

When will the results be ready?

Depending on the type of testing administered:

  • Results will be ready in about three weeks for a comprehensive test battery

  • Continuous Performance Test results ready within a few days to a week

How will the results be presented to the parents?

  • Written report

  • Complete analysis of the test results with summary of the learning strengths and weaknesses

  •  Recommendations to overcome learning challenges  

How is the cost of the testing determined?

The cost of the testing will depend upon the testing package that addresses the educational needs of the student.

  • Comprehensive test battery contains about ten tests and has a fixed cost.

  • When previous testing requires supplementation, testing is administered at an hourly rate.

  • Separate package for students who require only a continuous performance test (T.O.V.A) and a behavior rating scale (Conners 3).

Will the information gathered by the educational therapist be held in confidence?

  • Release of Information form to be completed and signed by parents

  • Sharing of information will be for educational planning and placement only

  • Shared with individuals who are directly involved with educational needs of student