Education Therapy goals for each student:

  • promote academic independence in a compassionate learning environment

  • develop educational skills in reading, spelling, writing, math

  • use research-based educational strategies and study skills to promote efficient learning

  • improve time management and other executive function skills

  • reduce learning stress and anxiety

  • improve self-esteem

  • promote self-advocacy skills

The following commonly asked questions, along with answers, provide a better understanding of the Educational Therapy program:

What is Educational Therapy and how does it differ from tutoring?

Educational Therapists:

  • identify individual needs with the purpose of designing programs to assist students to reach their academic potential

  • address and promote self-regulatory behaviors 

  • demystify  learning  difficulties

  • emphasize process of learning

  • goal setting


  • assist students in specific subject area

  • difficulty causing deficit,  not directly identified or addressed

Who will benefit from the program?

  • Students in elementary school, middle school, high school

  • Early intervention in grades 1 and 2 highly recommended as it eliminates adverse effects of poor school performance and minimizes dislike of school and learning

 How long does it take to implement a program?

The program can typically take from nine months to two years.  Brain research indicates that adaptation of reading, writing, and spelling skills requires intensity, consistency and duration. Multiple sessions a week over a period of time is required to see progress and the ability of students to generalize these approaches to daily learning activities.

What program(s) will be used to alleviate the challenges of students who have difficulty reading, spelling and writing?

  • Research-based comprehensive, systematic, multisensory and interactive  programs

  • Aligns with the Common Core State Standard (CCSS)

Will strategy learning, executive functioning skills and study skills be incorporated into the Educational Therapy sessions?


Will strategies be provided for home and school settings?